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At Pursuited, our sole purpose is to drive happier, more productive workforces through better recruitment. For candidates, a single ‘application’ is all that’s required to be headhunted for desired employment. Pursuited is the first recruitment method to truly prioritise the candidate’s wishes. For employers, we aim to deliver the optimal platform for matching the ideal candidate to their vacancy. We aim to effectively bypass the need for ‘first-round’ interviews by matching candidates with companies and providing candidate video to verified employers seeking to fill vacancies.

For CandidatesPursuited is built to make employees happy. Here's how.

Candidates sign-up and create a profile. In that profile are the following modules:

Employment history: Previous roles, skills utilised, summary of tasks and achievements.

Target Roles: Your desired next step in your career. You can set multiple target roles.

The Job Preference Index (JPI) has been exclusively created for Pursuited. It’s our way of creating a better match for candidates and employers so it’s best to answer truthfully and let that dream job find you.

Candidate profiles stay private – you can be hidden from any companies you nominate and your profile can only be found by verified employers.

You will need to create a full profile to be live and be matched to employers’ roles. Creating this profile will take some time but this ‘application’ will lead to consideration from many employers, not just one. That’s the way it should be!

How we categorise job skillsEnsuring better matches for Candidate and Employer

Pursuited has spent considerable time categorising job types to give our users more confidence they will be contacted with a better fit for their next role. 

We’re aware many similar jobs have different names, and some quite dissimilar roles have very like names. To work around this, we’ve devised a way of categorising the actual job performed (the job skill) separate to the industry it’s performed in (the industry).

Pursuited has a database of over 15,000 job titles in groups and associations. We match your desired job title with other titles just like it, to make sure you don't miss out on employers searching for someone like you, with a role like you want.

For EmployersHelping Employers find the best candidate with best fit, fast.

Employers sign-up and are verified against their ABN. Once verified, employers are free to search the platform using criteria they set. Searches can be saved and we can notify you if new people join Pursuited that meet your criteria.

Employers must also complete the Job Preference Index (JPI). It includes a combination of company-wide questions (one-time answer) and job specific questions (answered for each role).

Employers can search candidates on multiple terms, including:

  • Previous employment positions and/or skills used
  • Education
  • Job Fit
  • Candidate requirements: role, salary, location.

A results list will be shown. From there, employers can view the portfolios of each matching candidate.

Candidate shortlists and a job description are sent to a Pursuited account manager, who will discuss the opportunity with the candidates and organise introductions.

The dashboard to your career.

Pursuited provides in-depth information for our Candidates to keep them informed about their careers through our Dashboard.

The Dashboard is the home screen for Candidates. It provides information on how you compare to your peers - people looking for similar target roles to you. Are you asking for the right amount of salary? Do you have appropriate experience and education? Are you looking in the right locations? How many times are you coming up in employer searches?



The Dashboard is tailored to you. Information you need about your career to make educated decisions about your future.



Know where you stand against your cohort. Get live market insights into your salary expectations, your education and your experience



Pursuited allows you to 'test the waters' privately with multiple target roles. Would you like to consider two or three different career paths? We’ve demolished the ‘pigeon-hole’!


Job fit analysis between candidates and employers

Pursuited has developed the Job Preference Index, a powerful tool designed to find a better fit for candidate and employer. Through a series of private questions, candidates and employers find their cultural and functional preferences. Employers utilise the findings for better matches when they are headhunting for available positions. Both parties receive a report in a successful match, so they will know which categories are most aligned, and which categories should have further discussion when meeting for an interview.


Industry insights to help you determine what to demand.

With Pursuited, you know where you stand.

Pursuited provides in depth data from your industry - you can find out what your competition is asking for, which locations have the most jobs available, what skills you need to build, even the education you may need to undertake.

Pursuited keeps you informed to maximise your return in your employment.

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