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There are many reasons you need to embark on a candidate search. When it's time, your first stop should be Pursuited. It's the fastest, most private way to see who's in the market for your position.


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Search for candidates using way more data than previously available. Search by what kind of role the candidate is looking for, their experience and education history, and their job fit/cultural data.


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You'll get to the interview stage very quickly with Pursuited. With candidates and employers already matched on so many terms, Pursuited candidates are keen to learn if the role is something they would enjoy.


Search AND match within seconds. Know exactly what candidates are looking for. By not waiting for applications, you get to the interviews fast.


Searching and interviewing with Pursuited is free. On hire, pay 6% of first years' package, or even less in a subscription model.

More Insight

Match on what the candidate is looking for in their next role, their full education and employment history, skills, and cultural fit.

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