Your Profile Stays Private

Your profile on Pursuited can only be found by verified employers. Employers can’t search for you by name; only by search criteria. You can hide yourself from any employer you choose.

No More Job Applications

Pursuited works by you nominating your next role – salary, location, skills used, job fit, industry. You don’t apply for roles – you just create your profile and tell us what you want!

Hot Jobs Chasing You

Any time we contact you with an expression of interest, you know that it’s for a real job from a real employer, who has seen you, liked you, thinks you’re a great fit and is happy with your terms.

See Full Market Data

See how your profile compares to other people like you – should you ask for more money? Which skills or education should you work on to land your next job?

No Candidate Fees Ever

Pursuited is for the candidate- we won’t be charging you, ever. We make our money from employers, only when they take you on board.

No Obligations

Being Pursuited means you get headhunted, but if we offer you an interview with a company who is interested in your services, you are under no obligation to take that meeting.

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Pursuited is for candidates.

Pursuited is the first recruitment platform built with candidates in mind. You fill out your profile, nominate what you want and let your future employer find you.

Candidate Dashboard

See personalised feedback on your market data

Pursuited features an in-depth Candidate Dashboard to give you complete control and feedback about your desired roles. See personalised data on where you stand against your cohorts across salary, experience, skills, location and education to tailor your demands to the market.

Better Job Fit

Pursuited ensures your next career step is a good fit

Pursuited has developed the Job Preference Index - a powerful tool designed to find great matches for employer and candidate. Often when taking a new role, candidates don't get a good feel on whether they will enjoy their new environment. With the JPI, Pursuited gives our headhunted candidates confidence that they will enjoy their new surroundings.