Frequently asked

Pursuited is the first employment service built to put the candidate first. We enable employees (candidates) to nominate their next step in their career – what they want their next job to be. A candidate sets their desired job role, location, company size, skill set and salary. They also complete a ‘job fit’ analysis to determine what kind of work environment they would most thrive in.

Candidates can then nominate which specific companies they can stay hidden from. Finally, candidates can relax easy that their profiles are ‘private’ – candidates cannot be searched by name, and their profiles are only visible to verified employers. As such, candidates are best served by setting realistic profiles that will make them most happy in their next move.

Employers will use our service to find suitable candidates to their open roles. Employers must be verified against their ABN before searching our private profiles; once verified, an employer searches Pursuited candidates for their open role(s) against the rich data offered by the platform.

An employer creates a shortlist of candidates that they wish to talk to. A Pursuited account manager then discusses the opening with the desired candidates and proceeds to set up interviews with the candidates wishing to move forward in the process.

Pursuited only works with rich candidate profiles. By candidates providing detailed backgrounds, target roles and job fit (Called Job Preference Index), candidates can be sure that employers wishing to interview them are going to meet their desired criteria for employment.

No. Candidates can only be found by being the closest matches to a verified employer’s search criteria.

If you choose to make applications through other formats, potential employers will find it very difficult to find you to cross check your desirable data (unless they are an outstanding match for you already!)

Employers must be verified. Pursuited does this through confirming a businesses ABN against other online data, and ensuring the applying employees of the business are actually part of the business through phone calls or email.

Your target role is your desired role, the role you wish to be headhunted to. 
You set the role and its’ employment criteria as you wish – essentially ‘what is your price to move?’. This is not just salary, but location, skills used, job preference index and more.
Pursuited will provide you feedback on your target role against your peers through the candidate dashboard. You will see how you stand against other candidates desiring a similar target role as you in regards to your desired salary, skill set, education and experience. This information will change over time, so we strongly recommend you revisit your dashboard frequently.
How you modify your target role criteria after receiving that information is entirely up to you.
We strongly recommend you set multiple target roles, if you are interested in exploring multiple directions in your career.

Candidates will never pay to be headhunted on Pursuited. Employers pay a service fee when they choose to hire a candidate found through our service.

No. Pursuited candidates do not make applications for open jobs; they set their criteria for jobs they wish to be contacted by.

Candidates are under no obligation to meet with employers once they have been headhunted using our service. Pursuited will be the company in contact with the candidate (as an intermediary) to discuss the job role, background of the company and give advice and preparation for the role if interested.

Once a candidate goes live, there is nothing more that needs to be done. We strongly suggest visiting the dashboard periodically to ensure your target role criteria is set correctly against your peers and maximising your opportunities to be headhunted.

We’re always ready to answer any questions you may have. You may click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, call us on our 1300 764 473 number or email us at info@pursuited.com.